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The Struggle: 10 years Later Promo

Brian Storm and The Struggle are making headlines!

South Philly Review
South Philly Review

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“Addiction has no conscience and recovery is attainable if you really want it. ‘The Struggle’ shows the depths that an addict will go to get their next fix. It also portrays how difficult the journey to rehabilitation can be. I feel I have a better understanding of the addict and the person who has achieved sobriety. I recommend this to anyone who is battling the demons of drugs or alcohol.”

Thomas W. McDowell

“The world of the active addict brought to life in this amazing true life story of one man’s journey. If you want to better understand how the disease of addiction can hold onto your life, your every decision…read on.”


“I know many people who have had this disease. He really hits the ball outta the park. A great 1st hand story being told.”

Conlan Crosley

“I thought that I had a fair understanding of drug addiction. I was so very wrong. Reading this book made me feel like I was living it along side of him. All the highs and lows, and the struggles to come out on the other side. This author should be so proud of himself for his accomplishments and his desire to give back and help others. I would recommend to anyone to read this book.”


“This book was excellent, candid, didn’t hold nothing back. I’m now reading it AGAIN! I just love it so much, I relate to so much, and am so happy with the ending!”

Dawn Dickerson

“I read the book in two days. I couldn’t put it down. I wanted more at the end.”

Michael McCue

“This truly touched me. I’ve been in such horrible situations due to my addiction. I was saved by the grace of God. Thank you so much for sharing your story.”


“For me, ‘The Struggle’ is a book that gives an insight on the state of mind of an addict. I particularly appreciated the honesty and humour of the author in describing the fun and simultaneously the guilt feel associated with drugs. As a non-addict, I felt the book led me to a trip of deeper understanding on what causes addiction and this would surely alter the way people look at drug addicts and may come to help instead of judging them.

The sole positive critic I would make was that the author dragged the story at some points to give a dramatic look (the topic itself already is) as I felt I needed more patience in the midst of the book instead of arising curiosity to reach the end.

Good Luck Brian Storm and I recommend the book for sure.”


“I’ve never understood addiction, but that doesn’t lessen my love for my beloved who struggle from it. I say all of the above to say the following:

Storm’s memoir is blunt and raw in all the right ways and opened my mind to a world my beloved will not tell me about as they currently continue to struggle. I feel as if I’ve learned how to better love them, despite my lack of understanding via experience myself.

I needed to read this memoir in all the worst ways and didn’t know it until I did. I strongly recommend this to anyone who has a loved one (or multiple) who struggles with addiction, as well as anyone struggling themselves. This memoir will give you insight unlike you’ve ever thought about having. You will not feel as alone or isolated in your journey after finishing this piece of work. I promise you that. Five stars out of five for sure.”